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Is it time for you to invest in a new air conditioning system? You have a couple of options. You can either go with ducted air conditioning system, or a split air conditioning system. Knowing the differences and similarities between the two can help you choose the right one for your home.

On a sweltering day, everyone likes to come home to a cool and comfortable house. And you probably want an affordable heating or cooling system that is quiet and fits within your budget. Unfortunately, central air systems can come with a hefty price tag, and window units can be loud and also cumbersome to install, take out, and store. If you want an affordable and quiet way to enjoy a cool and refreshing day at home, protected from the summer heat, split air conditioning system is the way to go.

What is split system air conditioning?

Split system air conditioning uses both indoor and outdoor air conditioning units. The outdoor unit is placed either on or near the outside wall of the room you want to be cooled or heated. The outdoor unit is comprised of a condenser coil or capillary tubing, and the compressor. The indoor unit houses the cooling coil, the air filter, and a blower. Split cycle air conditioning can also be reverse cycle units, where the condenser is located inside the part of the unit that it’s placed indoors.

Please be aware that a split system air conditioning unit is designed to cool or heat one or two rooms, or a small section of the house, not the entire building like a central heating or cooling system. In this way, it’s very similar to a window AC unit. The most significant difference is that it isn’t noisy like a window AC, nor is it heavy, bulky, or unsightly. Both the inside and outside units of a split system are sleek and unobtrusive.

How else does a split air conditioner differ from other AC units?

At Enercell Air Conditioning, we’ve been installing sleek and unobtrusive split system air conditioning units for our customers for years. Installing one of these systems is much quicker than installing a ducted system because we don’t have to put in any ductwork. We’ll connect your indoor and outdoor split system units with electrical wiring and tubing.

Not only is this a faster and more affordable cooling option for homeowners, but it’s also environmentally-friendly too. Installing additional ductwork for a traditional AC unit increases energy output. Plus, central AC tends to lose a lot of energy when heat is exchanged throughout the ductwork. Without ductwork, there is minimal heat or energy loss in a split system air conditioner.

How do split system air conditioners work?

The compressor in the outside unit will squeeze a gas refrigerant until it is pressurized into a liquid. This process causes heat in the gas to increase. The pressurized coolant will move through a series of tubes until it reaches an expansion joint. From there, the refrigerant will move through this joint and turn back into a gas as the pressure is reduced.

While the pressure is being reduced, the gas releases heat and cools back down. Next, the gas goes back to the compressor and repeats the entire process over again. During the process, air is being pulled into the unit and circulated over the evaporator coils. The air becomes cooled and then forced back into the room through the blower in the inside unit. When the desired temperature is set on the thermostat is reached, the unit will turn off. When the temperature inside the room goes back up, the unit turns back on, and the liquid refrigerant makes its journey again until the room is sufficiently cooled.

What are the pros and cons of a split system air conditioning?

You’ll find there are many advantages with a split system air conditioner. For starters, it’s not noisy like a traditional window unit. The compressor and the fan are the loudest parts of any AC system. The compressor and the fan are located outside in a split system, so you won’t even know it’s there.

Have you ever tried to carry a window unit and try to install it? It’s not easy. For older individuals or the disabled, dealing with window units can be downright dangerous. Plus, window units are bulky and hard to store. You might not have room in your home to put a window unit during the fall and winter months. They are also unsightly from the ground. Getting a sleek and quiet split system installed can make the home more attractive to potential buyers if you’re looking to put the house on the market soon.

Another significant benefit is that a split air conditioning system can also be installed as a multi split air conditioning system. If you need to cool a larger area of the home, but can’t justify the cost of a central heating and cooling system, this might be the right option for you. With a multi-split system, our experienced HVAC techs can install several indoor units, connected to one outside unit. This way, you can cool several bedrooms instead of the master suite. A multi-split system also gives you the option of keeping the temperature of one large room cool during the hottest days of the month.

Split system air con is an energy efficient and affordable way to keep you and your family cool during the summer months and warm during winter. These robust systems can save you money on your energy bills, and they last for many years. Our qualified HVAC technicians at Enercell Air Conditioning have years of air conditioning installation experience in the Sydney area. Please contact us today to learn more about how our units of split system air conditioning in Sydney can save you money and make your home a quiet, comfortable refuge from the heat and humidity.


Want to know more about Split system vs Ducted air conditioning? Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of each system to give you a better idea.

Split System Air Conditioning

  • Much cheaper to install than the ducted system.
  • More flexible as it can be installed in just one room, and you can add more units in the future if needed.
  • Very efficient for smaller spaces – cost-effective option.
  • The external and internal units are unsightly and can ruin your home’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Not very efficient at cooling a large space.
  • Additional units can turn out to be cost-intensive.

Ducted System Air Conditioning

  • Since the system can be hidden away out of sight – behind walls and ceilings, it doesn’t affect your home’s décor or looks.
  • Allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout the house.
  • When the AC is zoned, you can control the temperature of each room.
  • Takes up space, so might not work for smaller homes with less room to spare.
  • Much more expensive to install a ducted air conditioner when compared to a split system.
  • Not very flexible since, to cool a single room, you will have to cool the entire house (unless you have it zoned, which is an additional expense). So, ducted air conditioning costs in energy will be high.

If you in search for split air conditioning in Sydney, Enercell Air Conditioning is your trusted company. Contact us today for a personalized and professional installation.



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