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When it’s time for you to invest in an air conditioner, you are faced with the most important question: should you opt for a split or ducted system? Ducted and spilt systems have many key differences. Knowing the differences will help you choose what type of air conditioning installation will suit your needs perfectly.

Split System Air Conditioning Sydney

Split system air conditioners consist of two main units: an indoor unit that is installed in the room you wish to cool, and an outdoor unit installed outside the room. This type of air conditioning system is usually built for cooling or heating one room only.

A split system air conditioning system has various benefits. It has a low purchase as well as installation cost, as the system is localised and made to affect one room only. It is also more energy efficient compared to a ducted air conditioning system and thus, the overall cost of its use is also very low. For rooms where window air conditioners cannot be installed, a split system air conditioner is a perfect choice.

Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney

In this type of air conditioning system, fan coils are installed in the roof space of the workplace or home, and ducts from the air conditioning unit go over to each room in the building or house, allowing you to cool or warm up the space as needed.

This sort of system is obviously for cooling or heating up the entire building and not localised like the split air conditioning system. While the ducted system does require more energy and has a higher initial purchase cost, in the long run, it can prove to be more efficient than having several split system air conditioners installed to cool or heat up your house.

Since ducted systems, when zoned, provide you the option of deactivating the system in selective rooms, you can conserve energy. Another major advantage of the ducted systems is that they are very quiet and thus, let you enjoy the cool comfort in peace.

Which Is the Right Option for You?

The choice of the system that you should opt for depend entirely on your requirements and the way you wish to use the system in the future. If you wish to only cool or warm up a few rooms in your house and leave the rest of the areas untouched, then a split air conditioning system should be a great choice for you. It will be cost efficient and also cheap to maintain.

However, if your entire building requires cooling or heating at some point, then it is unwise to have split systems installed in each and every room individually. This will cost you a lot more. Thus, you should opt for a duct air conditioning system and zone it for better control over each room and keep your energy consumption in control.

Duct system air conditioning is usually preferred for commercial purposes or in industries where it is not convenient to have an individual split system installed in all the offices and rooms. This system allows the businesses to work in a comfortable, peaceful environment and gives them complete control over the system in order to maintain the overall energy costs.

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of each system to give you a better idea.

Ducted System Air Conditioning

  • Since the system can be hidden away out of sight – behind walls and ceilings, it doesn’t affect your home’s décor or looks.
  • Allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout the house.
  • When the AC is zoned, you can control the temperature of each room.
  • Takes up space, so might not work for smaller homes with less room to spare.
  • Much more expensive to install a ducted air conditioner when compared to a split system.
  • Not very flexible since, to cool one room, you will have to cool the entire house (unless you have it zoned, which is an additional expense). So, energy costs will be high.

Split System Air Conditioning

  • Much cheaper to install than the ducted system.
  • More flexible as it can be installed in just one room, and you can add more units in the future if needed.
  • Very efficient for smaller spaces – cost-effective option.
  • The external and internal units are unsightly and can ruin your home’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Not very efficient at cooling a large space.
  • Additional units can turn out to be cost-intensive.

If you’re still unsure as to which type of air conditioning system you should choose for your home or workspace, get in touch with our experts at Enercell Air Conditioning and they’ll help you decide. We provide professional ducted air conditioning installation and air conditioning services in Sydney and the South West Sydney area.

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