Does an AC Require Service Every Year?

HVAC systems have become commonplace in most homes and office buildings. Whether they provide a cool breeze in the summer or a bit of warmth during the cold winter days, AC systems can make our living space more comfortable.

The problem is that we’ve gotten so accustomed to our AC, that we tend to forget that they require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly.

But, should you do it every year?

Why Maintenance Is Important

If you smoke, drink and never go to the doctor, you could live to be 100, but the odds are not in your favour. The same is true when it comes to the air conditioning in your home. While it may seem like a rough comparison, the principle is the same: you can ignore annual air conditioning maintenance and your unit will last 15 or 20 years. However, you’re much more likely to suffer repeated breakdowns that require costly repairs and force you to replace your air conditioner much sooner than you expect.

 What Does Servicing Your Air Conditioner Involve?

A service inspection of the air conditioner should include

With appropriate maintenance and problem solving before they become huge problems, your air conditioner should last 15 years or more.

What the Pros Do When They Perform an Annual Air Conditioner Inspection

They Remove Debris Blocking the Airflow to the Outdoor Condenser

One of the first things a team of professionals will do is to check the big radiator and see if you’ve blown grass clippings into it while mowing or weed-eating.

Diagnose the Capacitor

If the fan stops, stick a small stick or wire through the slots and see if the fan spins freely. A fan that spins means the problem is probably a damaged capacitor. If the fan works, but you have no cooling, reach down and grab the larger copper line. If it doesn’t feel very cool to cold, the compressor is not working. Again, the problem is probably the condenser. That said though, the compressor or fan motor can go out, but it’s nowhere near as common as a faulty condenser.

Determine If the Air Conditioning System Is Properly Charged

Now that we’ve gone through all of this, professionals will almost always throw a set of gauges on the outdoor unit. This is a necessary step to verify the charging, but if the technician isn’t taking temperature and humidity measurements inside your home or office, they’re not doing it right. You need to know the heat demand and match it to the pressure gauge to determine if the system is properly charged!

Schedule Your AC Maintenance ASAP!

Regular servicing your AC is paramount to improving the efficiency of your air. A good air conditioning unit helps you save money by not having to buy a new one every few years. Moreover, it cleans the air much better, so take good care of it so you have it as long as possible.

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