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If you need excellent air conditioning installation or repair services in Chatswood, then you are in the right place. At Enercell Air Conditioning, we supply and install a wide range of air conditioning unit brands, including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, and ActronAir. Our experts also specialize in refrigeration and offer full HVAC maintenance services throughout the Chatswood area.

Backed by decades of experience up our sleeves, we are committed to ensuring you have quality indoor air in your home and office. We achieve this by providing you with superior air conditioning systems, both residential and commercial.

We can handle all the common air conditioning systems, from ducted air conditioners to hybrid systems. For Air Conditioning Installation and repairs in Chatswood, get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Our Unmatched Customer Service

For the past two decades, satisfied customers have proven beyond doubt that we provide honest, reliable air conditioning installation and maintenance services. We handle all types of air conditioning systems at competitive prices so you can get value for your money.

At Enercell Air Conditioning, we thrive on transparency. We will provide you with a realistic project timeline to ensure your air conditioning systems are maintained within the quoted budget right when you need it done.

Best Air Conditioning Systems to Install in Your Home or Office

Central air conditioner: This is a ducted air conditioning system that enables you to simultaneously regulate temperatures for multiple rooms. The conditioner is made up of a split system consisting of outdoor and indoor units.

The outdoor unit condenses and compresses the air, while the indoor unit, made up of coils and air handlers, distributes the air inside your home. This type of air conditioning uses a refrigerant to absorb excessive heat from your indoor air.

Ductless systems: If you have a small home or just want to cool a limited area in your house, ductless split system AC units are a great choice. They comprise two units, indoor and outdoor parts connected with refrigerant tubing. The beauty of ductless systems is that they are wall-mounted, so they don’t take up a lot of floor space. They can also be installed anywhere despite the absence of preexisting ductwork.

Floor Mounted AC: Floor mounted air conditioners work best if you need a mini-split but have insufficient space to mount a whole unit on the wall. Typically, it consists of two units, with the indoor part resting on the wall. The best thing about this air conditioning system is that it can be installed in rooms made of glass walls and other fragile materials. It is also equipped with air filters to improve air quality.

Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioner: This system combines the heating ability of gas furnaces and the energy efficiency of electric air-cooling systems to deliver an exclusive and cost-effective air conditioning system. It is suitable for commercial air conditioning since it leaves a lower carbon footprint. Switching between gas and electricity during winter and summer to suit your air conditioning requirements makes it an ideal choice for many clients.

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If you need to install an air conditioning system in your home or office in Chatswood, we at Enercell Air Conditioning are ready to help. Please contact us online or call us directly at 1300-108-492 to request a free estimate.



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