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Have you been looking for a reliable HVAC installation company in Paramatta? Look no further. At Enercell Air Conditioning, we have been servicing air conditioning systems in the Paramatta area for more than two decades.

We have a dedicated team of experienced aircon technicians who can handle almost every HVAC system related issue. Our exceptional services are designed to meet the needs of our clients in Paramatta and the surrounding suburbs.

If you consider having a new air conditioner installed at your home, we can help eliminate the guesswork from the entire process by offering our services and advice. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, our technicians are familiar with a range of HVAC brands to suit every client’s unique needs.

The Best Air Conditioning Installation Services in Parramatta

We offer pocket-friendly air conditioning installation services to ensure you access our services without breaking the bank. Our technicians can install any air conditioning unit in all types of Parramatta buildings and settings.

At Enercell Air Conditioning, we also have an HVAC maintenance program designed to guarantee a perfectly functioning air conditioning unit to our esteemed clients. Our technicians are adequately trained to run extensive HVAC unit health checks and even identify and fix problems before escalating.

When installing an air conditioning unit in your home or office, you will be choosing between split system air conditioners and ducted air conditioning systems. There are several differences between the two systems that are imperative to consider. Here is a brief outline of what each type of air conditioning technology entails.

Ducted Air Conditioning in Parramatta
A ducted system is a brilliant choice for regulating your home’s indoor temperatures and air quality. It can warm your home during the winter and cool it in summer. Typically, a ducted system comprises multiple ducts or vents throughout the building that connect to a central power unit. One advantage of having a ducted system in your living space is the ability to maintain different temperatures in different rooms in your home.

Split System Air Conditioning
As the name suggests, split system air conditioning is divided into an outdoor and indoor units. The indoor unit can only cool one room. However, multi-split systems can connect to more than one indoor unit.

Most split system air conditioners use inverter technology. This type of system is currently the most popular air-conditioning option in Australia. Although cheaper, split systems are less powerful and consistent than ducted air conditioning systems.

Which Air Conditioning Unit Should You Install?

If you are unsure whether to install a split or ducted air conditioning system, our Parramatta team can advise you on which design and model suit your needs and budget. Besides installation services, we provide other air conditioning services such as repairs, cleaning, and regular maintenance. We also help our clients schedule routine maintenance for their air conditioners to help avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future.

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At Enercell Air Conditioning, we provide Parramatta residents with outstanding air conditioning maintenance and installation services through our team of qualified and certified technicians. We supply and install a wide range of air conditioning units to ensure we have a solution for every client. Please get in touch with us now to schedule a consultation with our experts and get a free quote.

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